About us

Rendgen Cranex is a specialized radiological practice office and it deals with diagnosing diseases of the dental-maxillofacial region. The office is covering an area of 65 m2, and has few separated parts that are aimed exclusively for radiological diagnosis.

In our office, X-ray machines that represent completely new technology in radiological equipment, have been installed. Some belong to the recent generation of conventional equipment that are in use in the dentist radiology.

We were the first practice office on the Balkans that has applied the technique of digital X- ray image, bringing in, many advantages compared to the conventional technologies: the improvement of the visual image quality, incomparable higher level of the patient’s protection during the X-ray treatment, elimination of X-ray treatment repetition as the image quality can be adjusted during the digitalization, as well as putting the X-ray image photograph) into the data base, out of which it can be printed again at any time.

The personnel working at our office has an extraordinary professional experience.. This is applied both on technicians that are in charge of X-ray treatment , as on doctors who handle and supervise the medical check up, and who handle the requested analysis. Prof.dr Zoran Rakocevic has been appointed as a professional consultant to our office.

During the last five years, together with your dentists, we take care of your teeth health. The trust you permanently show to us, obliges us to improve the quality of own services. Therefore we wish you to help us in that task by your suggestions and remarks.

Sincerely yours